At the end of the semester, here are some reflections from WMST 495/595, “Gender, Fashion, and the Body.”

If you could tell people one thing that they need to know about bodies, what would it be?

  • Bodies aren’t just bodies. They are stories.
  • Bodies are unique to people. There is no right or perfect body. There is not one type of lower or bird. There is not one type of right body.
  • The body is truly a temple. Take care of it because we only get one.
  • Take a step back, try a different lens, you only have ONE body. Take care of it!
  • Don’t let anyone tell you how you should look. Your body is unique to you and we have the freedom and right to do with it what we want.
  • Everyone is different. No one looks like you. If something makes you happy, whether it be how you style your hair or dress, do it and own it. Everyone struggles with their body. No matter the age or gender, but the things most people worry about are 100% normal. If you are happy and healthy, that’s all that matters.
  • Your body is beautiful, no matter the color, shape, or size!
  • Your body is beautiful and unique. Don’t let anyone tell you that it isn’t.
  • Bodies come in all shapes, sizes, colors, abilities, and more. You are beautiful!
  • Our bodies are such vital tools of expression. Our identities are totally encompassed within one relatively tiny being and I think that’s oemthign to be amazed by and proud of!
  • I believe that all that really needs to be said is to love your body. When you love your body, you treat it with respect and keep it in the best shape possible. Also, other people’s standards¬†don’t matter. If you’re happy with it, you’re doing it right.
  • Kind hearts create powerful things. Strong minds create powerful messages. Just listen!
  • Don’t mistreat your body. You only get one. I don’t mean in just the sense like eating healthy and exercising. I mean, don’t over work your body in stress and exhaustion. Don’t engage in unsafe sex or let anyone force you to do so. Love you body. It was made just for you.
  • We should celebrate uniqueness and individuality. Everyone has insecurities. There is no such thing as perfection.