When thinking back to when I was a kid I do not remember any “sex talks” or lessons giving in home. My mom was pretty much silent about the topic sex. She was not one of those parents that required me to go to bed a certain time or put parental control over what I watched and/or listened to. I had an older brother who would sneak girls over while my mom was at work. And even without being taught I had an idea that they were not in his room studying or playing the game system. Every idea that I had growing up surrounding sex was something that I leaned through rap and r&b videos, r rated movies, and songs on the radio. As a matter of fact, prior to 4th grade I don’t think I really thought much about sex other than it was for grown ups and by grown ups I had high school and images in mind. A little after starting fourth grade I got my period. Even this was topic my mom did not discuss with me. Instead she came home from work with a book that covered every topic from menstrual cycles, to reproductive body parts, and sex. I remember feeling guilty when going to the pages that talked about sex. I used to wait until it was late at night to flip though the pages and look at the images (these images included the variety of penis and vaginas to encourage the different shapes and sizes) until this moment I did not even know what parts were involved in sex. Going to school most the kids would discuss sex and many of my classmates especially the naïve ones would walk away from the conversation fully trusting what one student’s description of sex was. Most of the students were not even sexually active and had learned about the topic through their older siblings, television, and/or parents. You can see how this may be a problem. How sex looks to them can be completely different from another’s view depending on what they watch, their siblings feelings toward their sex partner (love or status sex), or their parents’ beliefs whether it be religious or parental views. For example, sure a teenage boy who sleeps with others to be popular ideal of sex would differ from a teenage girl who lost her virginity to a first love. Or some parents sex talk with their child could include scare tactic to enforce them reframing from having sex, while others put everything out on the table and may take a more realistic approach. Sex is different for everyone and since my lesson was coming from a book my mom probably picked up at a local Barnes and Nobles there was little opinion involved to falsely sway me. As the book frequently mentioned sex is different for everyone including when you are ready, how pleasure is met and even how body parts may differ. Sex has changed for me overtime in many ways. I believe in high school sex is not thought of though an individual lens. We are in it for reasons that either involve pleasing a partner, fitting in, or gaining status. Too often at least one partner is having sex for one of those reasons. Sex was also surrounded around guilt while growing up because as a Christian and many other religions, sex before marriage is looked down upon. Currently I do not identify as a Christian and my outlook on sex is different. I do not believe sex should be put in a box. I believe it is a way that we as humans connect with each other and often time express ourselves. It is something that can be done for reasons outside of reproduction and marriage duties. Sex in many ways can be used as an expressive act that can be done for pleasure. Most important if both partners are individuals that give consent sex can be done with who ever one please in any situation whether it be friends, “situationships”, committed relationships, and/or marriages. In my culture there are lessons that often teach women to be ashamed of openly expressing sexuality. Often times women who are sexually liberated are looked down upon. This gives us reason to believe sex for women should not have pleasure as one of, if not the main reason a women shall seek sex. Ideas as such lead women to fall into obligated sex following marriage. This can happen to men as well as men have sex because of pressure from their significant other. It is common to believe if we are in committed relationships sex is owed to our partners whether we are into it or not. I do believe that sex before marriage is outdated in my culture. There are many that practice sex before marriage and marriage has decreased as the ideal finish line for many. This has come for many reasons. One being younger generations tend to study things like sex, this was not subjects touched in education in prior years other than biology of the body. Studying sex can help one identify sex as something more than a religious aspect giving one the freedom to reach their ultimate high of it which may include practicing it in a different way other than those influenced by religion. Another reason is divorce rates are increasing. Looking forward those in my age range may not cherish the goal of marriage as those older once did. Sex is not saved for one partnerbecause we are anticipating things like breakups, divorces, and a bigger window to finding partners via social media.