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Month October 2019

Sexual Surrogacy & Disabled Clientele

Contents 1. Sexual Surrogacy & the Intersections of Disabled Persons Seeking Surrogate Partner Therapy 1.1 Sexual Surrogacy Origin, Definitions, Practitioners, & Clientele 2. Sexual Surrogacy Certifications & Legalities  2.1 Sexual Surrogacy & Disability Media Links  2.2 Sexual Surrogacy: Worldwide &… Continue Reading →

Homosexuality within the NFL and NBA

The LGBTQ community has faced discrimination in many aspects of life throughout history. In professional and high-level amateur sports this is also true. In many different sports, LGBTQ individuals are faced with unfair treatment motivated by homophobia. Often LGBTQ athletes… Continue Reading →

What is done in Secret Comes to Light: History of Sexual Abuse by Priests

Men within the Catholic Church that desire to become priests have to both be unmarried and celibate. Celibacy is the practice of abstaining from marriage and sexual behaviors. However, there have been centuries of accounts of priests not keeping their… Continue Reading →

Penis Enlargement

The Biological Make Up  The penis is the male genital organ that produces sexual arousal. The penis contains three cylinders which include two lateral corpora cavernous and the central corpus spongiosum. The make up of all three contain blood vessels… Continue Reading →

Intersectionality and Sexual Education

Sexual education has been a highly debated topic by parents and educators alike. Moreover, the content actually taught in sex education is often varied due to the opposing viewpoints around the subject. Abstinence-only sex education focuses abstinence as the most… Continue Reading →


Table of contents Definition Arousal in sexual contexts Arousal in emotional contexts The science behind arousal Definition a·rou·sal /əˈrouzl/ Arousal refers to the experience of increased physiological activity. This is often accompanied by an increased heart rate, perspiration, and rapid… Continue Reading →

The U.S Abortion Controversy

Abortion has been an extremely contentious issue in the United States, socially culturally, and politically, for over a half century. For some, it is a moral issue rooted in Christianity; for others it is a matter of self-determination and the… Continue Reading →


The term bisexuality is commonly defined as someone is who attracted to more than one gender. A lot of people who identify as bisexual refer to it as the “silent b” because in the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer,… Continue Reading →

Atlanta Strip Culture

From their sexy dance moves to their ability to capture the stage, Atlanta’s female Strippers have tremendously impacted Atlanta’s culture. Praised for their curvaceous figures, exotic dance moves, athletic body strength, and beautiful features, these women have moved millions of… Continue Reading →

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