From their sexy dance moves to their ability to capture the stage, Atlanta’s female Strippers have tremendously impacted Atlanta’s culture. Praised for their curvaceous figures, exotic dance moves, athletic body strength, and beautiful features, these women have moved millions of dollars throughout Atlanta’s popular strip clubs. Wearing little to nothing, or in some cases nude, these ladies create and perform dances and pole dance routines that embrace their self-confidence, physical strength and various personalities. Despite the negative comments placed upon different culture norms within other societies, these ladies continue to embrace what they do while making a living off of it. 

The Body and Confidence

One of the main attractions of a stripper’s performance is her confidence in her body. Most strippers wear very little clothing leaving themselves vulnerable to the people around them. Self confidence is a major key in order to succeed in the stripping industry. As a result, a lot of strippers receive plastic surgery to feel more confident on stage. According to Georgia Plastic, butt injections are very popular in the state of Georgia. Many women have undergone drastic measures to fit in with Atlanta’s big booty culture by receiving these surgeries. Some of these procedures require the injection of silicone, hydrogel, and cement within the bottom. The “safer” procedures involve injection of fat cells from other parts of the body. All of these procedures are life threating; however, many have been satisfied with their outcome. In some cases, these procedures may be viewed as lacking self-confidence, however in the strip culture these procedures are stamps of approval to help make more money. Even though many strippers may receive surgery there are others who are completely fine with the bodies that they have. In addition to their physiques, they often spend time on pampering their appearance with makeup, hair and costumes. These factors play an important role in enforcing their attitude and personality during of their performances.

ATL Strippers & HipHop       

There’s no denying that the Hip-Hop culture loves their strippers. Artist Drake, T.I, T-Pain and Usher are a few of the thousands of artists who highlight their love for strippers within their songs. Throughout various videos, the importance of physical appearance is highly expressed through the females represented in various productions. Based on these videos and song messages, Hip- Hop loves big booties, perky tits, small waist, and a pretty face. Furthermore, many strippers embrace those physical characteristics because they attract more money. In addition, to Hip Hop and R&B culture embracing female strippers, they often create music that invites people to the spend their money at these clubs. Rap group Travis Porter’s “Make it Rain” hit single dropped in 2010. This stripper theme song is a classic that plays at strip clubs till this day. With a catchy song phrase and rhythmic beat, the song encourages men and women to shred their dollars all over the strip club and strippers as they embrace the idea of having money. 

Many people from Atlanta may agree that it’s a small town, where everybody knows everybody. As a result of the connection between music and dancing, there’s a strong bond between most rappers and strippers. While being interviewed at a club, rapper Quez from the group Travis porter goes on to mention “Shorty right here, I been knowing since she was dancing in this little dance group in Decatur.” For some stripping is the channel that connects them to the music industry. Former dancers Kashdoll and Cardi B are two successful female rappers that dominate the female rap industry today. Mentioning their personal dance experiences within their music, they have helped society embrace the strip culture.

Popular Dance Moves

There are plenty of dance moves that strippers do while on stage however twerking and winding are most commonly performed. According to, twerking means “to dance to hip-hop or pop music in a very sensual way typically by thrusting or shaking the buttocks and hips while in a squatting or bent-over position.” In addition, they define winding as “a west Indian dance where you wind and move your legs like the butterfly and twist your neck on the beat.”

Popular Atlanta Strip Clubs

Former Celebrity Strippers 

Cardi B


Amber Rose

K Michelle

Nene Leakes

Joseline Hernandez

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