During the first week of class, I was told about the project and I genuinely had no idea what I could possibly do, especially since the sky was the limit. I have never been the most creative person in the world. As the class progressed, the ideas started coming in. One day, it had just hit me. This class, more than anything, taught me that I’m in charge of my body and my sex life. Regardless of what other people think, say, or do. I noticed myself having a sense of empowerment at the end of each class. I wanted that to translate when I created this project. In addition, I also wanted my project to be relatable and easy to understand when explained to people. Lastly, I wanted my project to be yummy since I am always looking for a good excuse to bake. Thus lead to the creation of my delicious breast cake(s). 

Plastic surgery is becoming more and more of a must have. Social media and beauty companies have complete control of what the standard for beauty is, whether it be having plump lips, small noses, big breasts, or a small waist. All of these things can be obtained with a little money. For women’s bodies, the sexual appeal is always focused on their butts and breasts. Having a big butt and big breasts is what a woman should strive for. And sure, having those things could enhance how a woman looks and maybe even gain whoever’s approval. However, as the Queen, Beyonce, once said “pretty hurts.” With beauty comes pain, especially when talking about breasts. Having big breasts is a bigger burden than a blessing. Big breasts mostly cause a lot of back pain, so much so that it becomes unbearable. It is also almost impossible to find cute bras in your size that are also comfortable. Big breasts also affect how shirts, bathing suits, sweaters, and jackets fit. Exercising with big breasts is also extremely difficult. Finding good sports bras that help support your breasts is rare. Most women with big breasts have to wear two or three sports bras in order to make sure their breasts are secure and will not inhibit a woman from properly exercising. 

All these negative factors can lead a woman to believing she is not beautiful. It makes her feel like she is heavy, even though it is just her breasts. Having a lack of self confidence, pushes a woman to take her body back and decide on having a breast reduction surgery, a surgery that most people tend to question. A common reaction to a breast reduction surgery is, “why?” or “having big breasts is a good thing.” Having big breasts is a good thing, which all the negative factors are not considered. But too much of a good thing, is not actually that good of a thing. For me, I have always had bigger breasts, they have grown a lot in the last few years. Luckily, I still feel confident in my body and personally would not get a breast reduction surgery. However, that was not the case for my best friend, Jenai. 

Jenai from a young age had big breasts. Over time, having big breasts became more and more unbearable. She had been bullied and dealing with physical pain. Her self-confidence began to diminish because of the bullying. In addition, she is an athlete and her breasts prevented her from being able to perform her best. Finally, during her junior year of high school, she made the choice to have a breast reduction surgery. Before surgery, Jenai was wearing a size G. Bras that she had to shop for online because stores never carry sizes that big. After her surgery, she went down to a size D. She felt her confidence return, her back pain did not completely go away but it was much better than before. As an athlete, she was able to perform better. Most importantly, she could look at her body and feel pride, she took her body back. When I saw her post-surgery, it looked like she had lost 10-15 pounds. Overall, the results were all positive.

My project, consists of two cakes that look like breasts. The cakes look good, however, the tray that they are on, cannot support that much weight. The tray is supposed to represent a woman’s back and self-esteem. In order to relieve the weight on the tray, I am going to cut the bottom half of the cakes, straight across and remove it. The cakes may not be physically appealing but the tray will be able to support them. In addition, it’s cake so it will still taste delicious. By cutting the cakes in front of the class, I hope to get a reaction similar to how people react when women get a breast reduction surgery.