The overall concept of this course has been sex, the body, and how both of these functions in society. However, I believe that the real theme and takeaway each student should have is that consent is essential when it comes to any and all sexual acts and encounters. The poster I created was to showcase and educate the importance of consent to young adults between the ages of 16-23 that are finishing up high school and entering college or just adulthood. Like we have discussed in multiple classes consent affects everyone but since this is a college course I thought it would make sense to focus on such a key demographic in society.

Throughout the course of my research for this project, I found a plethora of photos that were both visually pleasing and informative. The pictures that stood out the most to me were a photo displaying the phrase “no doesn’t mean convince me” as well as another photo that explained just because you are in a relationship, marriage or dating someone’s consent is still required to engage in any sexual activity. This is especially important to me because I have been in situations while being in college where I have been encouraged to participate in sexual acts that I may not have been in the mood or completely prepared for. I have also struggled at times because it feels like being in a relationship means that I have to be ready to satisfy my partner all the time because of the nature of our relationship. Completing this project reminded me that everyone needs to be reminded of the importance of consent and the implications that can occur when consent is not expressed, freely given, reversible, informed and specific. Consent is something that should be deeply woven and intertwined into each and every one of our lives. I hope that covering this topic for my presentation sparked a conversation or just reminded my classmates of the power that we all should be able to exercise over our own bodies.

Mya Hampton is a 20-year-old senior at Old Dominion University who loves anything and everything to do with pop culture and the music industry. She is currently working towards obtaining a B.S. in Communication with an emphasis in media studies and a minor in marketing in May of 2020. She has always enjoyed broadening her horizons and learning more about herself and the world around her through traveling, meeting new people and connecting to others through music. This blog is the perfect outlet to push boundaries and openly express her thoughts about gender, sexuality, the body, and beyond.