After spending the semester discussing the ins and outs of many topics, including sexual dysfunction, sexual practice, and sexual stigmas, one thing they all share is how sex is viewed amongst us. Being in this class helped me acknowledge just how uncomfortable we are with the topic sex. It is ironic how we are more comfortable engaging in the act rather than verbally discussing it. I would like to explore why sex remains such a taboo subject for many of us. My medium would be an open discussion on how a group of adults in their mid twenties view sex. In my video you will see 3 ladies including myself discuss how they were introduced to sex, if partners influenced their outlook on sex and how they plan to bring the topic to their children in the future. Later in the video you will also see us discuss touchy topics such as the lasted comment made by a hip hop influencer T.I. Some similarities shared was our upbringing as most of us had little to no “sex talk” with parents. The absence of our parents properly bringing the topic forward influenced us to want to talk to our kids more openly about the topic. Throughout the video I noticed that all four of us had different takes on sex. And though I could not agree with some, I can respect everyone’s opinion. I think maybe this is why the topic remains such a taboo subject. Many may fear judgment when sharing something so private.

Here are some portions of the video:

Terri Fields is a senior at Old Dominion University majoring in Human Services with a minor in Health and Wellness. She is interested in health and fitness and how it impacts an individual’s life. Currently she works as a direct support professional at an non profit organization. In the future she plans on continuing her research in grief counseling.