Throughout the course I had the pleasure of expanding my understanding of concepts pretraining to sex, sex stigmas, sex culture, and many other topics related to the body. In each class discussion I felt comfortable enough to listen and voice my personal views and experiences, which helped me embrace other standpoints and perspectives. In my opinion most of the topics involved intimate conversations that covered world wide issues. Incorporating themes and discussions that involved power, intimacy, self-express and acceptance I decided to paint an image to represent those topics. 

Simple, yet powerful, I painted a nude picture of an anonymous woman covering her breasts. My goal of the painting was to express how every induvial has the ability to share and express themselves with the power of choice, expression and consent. The first theme I would like to relate to the image is power. As individuals we have the power to choose how we want to live our lives and make our decisions. Therefore, we are able to accept certain spirts and vibes in our circle and psychological environment. In addition, we have control with how much we want to share and how much we want to reveal regardless of what society may say. In my opinion there are two creators: the man upstairs and the person climbing the stairs! Most importantly, we have the ability to use our power to let the world know who we are as individuals.

In addition to power, another theme I explored was intimacy. Going on 21 years of living, I now view my body as a temple. The older I become, the greater and more vulnerable I become with my body. Our spirts and personality is how we connect with others, however our body and outer image is the symbol of those expressions. In the picture the woman is holding herself, not only because she’s covering herself but because she’s showing affection towards herself. In the image she is showing an intimate and vulnerable connections she feels .  Acknowledging the theme of power, she’s accepting that her body is apart of her temple and she will do anything to protect it. Therefore, being the provider and proctor of her temple, she has become vulnerable and expresses that passion through personal intimacy and love.

Overall, I hope this painting motivates people to express and love themselves unconditionally. Furthermore, I encourage people to create their own meanings to the picture in order to help touch them individually. Lastly, I would like to state that, “I am art! You are art! We are art! Art is what you make it!”

Asia Alexandrea is an outstanding junior at Old Dominion University completing her Bachelors degree in Communication with a concentration in Cinema and TV Production. Her cleverness and creativity have impressed those who have witnessed her various talents within the theater, life and everything else she does! Honoring and remembering the life of her mother, she is guaranteed and determined to succeed in whatever she wants to in life! Giving thanks to God for his abundances of blessing, she will continue to accept and follow God’s path for her.