In the class Sexing the Body, we covered several important aspects, but my personal favorite was when we talked about the education public school students get or don’t get when it comes too sex education. A lot of the visual and textbook resources for these lesson plans tend to be quite outdated which in turn gives students a reason to take things less seriously. Aside from the format in which these materials are presented the content also needs work as well. I graduated high school in 2016 and took health class from middle school through high school, yet I don’t remember sex education including consent. Consent should be a partof any lesson plan that involves sex education. Sex educations needs to expand beyond STIs, STDs, pregnancy, and condoms. The public-school putting emphasis on solely those aspects does the students an injustice. To understand and to also properly practice consent is an important aspect of sexual activity and applies to all genders and sexual orientations. My idea when doing this project was to zero in on the lesson of consent. In a typical health class room thereare posters about the body, muscles, bone and even posters about texting and driving as well as drunk driving because many classes cover drivers ed in their health room. There are never posters about consent, what it means what it looks like and what it doesn’t qualify as consent. I wanted to created posters that could be hung around a high school that talk about consent in various ways. These posters would redesign an average health classroom with updated definitions and displays of consent. From high school to college students it is unrealistic to think that some of them are not sexually active and apart of practicing safe sex is knowing the correct form of consent. I made a series of 3 posters one using the FRIES acronym that Planned Parenthood came up with, another poster that detailed the 3 steps of consent, and lastly what positive consent looks like versus what consent doesn’t look like. I feel like had posters like this been displayed around school everyone would be better educated on the importance, definition, and examples of consent.

My name is Raena Gradford. I’m a senior at Old Dominion University majoring in Comminication with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Women’s Studies. I’m from Richmond, Virginia, and I identify as biracial.