Throughout the duration of this course, I have done much research regarding the importance of comprehensive intersectional sexual education. For my final project, I wanted to continue the theme of sexual education, and create a quick, “crash course” style presentation regarding sexual health, aimed towards high school aged teens. I decided to create an IGNITE presentation to convey the material; a five minute long powerpoint presentation consisting of 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. I chose this method to keep the information short and sweet, yet still informative. Specifically, I wanted to create a presentation that provided students with the information needed to allow them to make the best informed decisions for their lives regarding sexual health. I discussed both abstinence and how to be sexually healthy, without placing judgement or bias on either option. The emphasis of this presentation is that sexual health is ultimately “your choice”, whether it be abstinence or engaging in sexual activity. In regards to sexual health, the presentation also discusses consent, contraception, HIV/STI testing, as well as pregnancy options. I decided to include parenting, adoption, and abortion, as all three are currently legal options in Virginia, and students should know what options are available. Again, all three options are discussed without bias or persuasion. The goal of this presentation is to provide students with fair, unbiased information that will prepare them to make decisions regarding sexual health, and to provide information and resources if students choose to have sex. This project was influenced by all of the material we have covered in class, specifically regarding sexual health and sexual education. We have learned that many schools require biased, abstinence-only forms of sexual education, yet research shows that the majority of high school aged teens are in fact having sex. As we know this to be true, I believe that it is important to provide this information to adolescents in the event they do have sex. We have also discussed the importance of sexual health in class, and I wanted to make sure to cover topics we have learned about such as consent and testing.

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Aiyana Roll is a current junior at Old Dominion University who is double majoring in English with a focus in Journalism and Women’s Studies. Along with writing and studying gender, race, and bodylore, she is also passionate about cosmetology and fashion. She expresses her love for makeup through working as a makeup artist at Sephora, and is able to show her love for fashion and thrifting by working at Starlight Exchange, a resale boutique. She hopes to one day combine all of her passions by writing for a blog or magazine where she is able to discuss beauty, fashion, the body, feminism, equality, intersectionality… the list goes on. She also loves coffee, her cat Mouse, food, music, and tattoos.