When some of my classmates stated that they were not comfortable sharing their “sex lives” with their parents, it really inspired me to make a video with my mom of us talking about anything that is related to sex.  I am partially comfortable sharing my sex life with my mom, but I never really went into detail about certain topics that revolves around sex. It did make me sad, hearing that some of them could not even talk to neither or at least one of their parents/guardians about sex and related topics. In my opinion, I would rather for them to go to their parent/guardian rather than someone who did not know them personally. I thought long and hard before doing this project, because I knew I was setting myself up for embarrassment. Then I just decided to do this, because I want to make a statement that, “it’s going to be awkward to talk to your parents/guardians, but its doable.” That is why I decided to do my own take of Youtube’s channel named, “Cut.” I did a spin off to Cut’s truth or drink parent edition with my lovely mother. Cut’s videos are between the parent and the child and they answer explicit questions amongst to each other. If either person does not answer the question or refuse to, they would have to take a shot. My mom and myself answered nine questions each based off the topic of sex, and anything else that is related to sex. After we finished the video, we talked about it and we both agreed that we learned more from each other and it was a great experience. My mom even confessed that it put her in an awkward position, because she never thought that she would answers those questions in front of my little sister and myself. Overall, we both enjoyed the project and the quality time we spent with each other. My mom and I plan on doing this same concept with my little sister. 


  • How is N’Shaye as a daughter?
  • What is one thing do you love about your mom?
  • What is your favorite sexual position?
  • What is your opinion about BDSM?
  • When did you lose your virginity? Did you use protection?
  • Did you ever have the “birds & bees talk”?
  • Have you ever watched any adult films? 
  • What do you think about the term virginity?
  • Have you ever sexted anyone? If so, tell me the recent message that you have sent?
  • What advice will you give to children that are afraid to talk to their older siblings or parents about the topic of sex? 
  • Are you ashamed of the people that I pursue? 
  • Is masturbation wrong? 
  • How many STDs can you name? Have you ever had one?
  • How do you express yourself sexually?
  • What age is it okay to have the talk?
  • If someone is in the act of sex, is it okay for them to stop during it? 
  • What does consent means to you?