My final presentation was delivered on 11-21-19 in class, where I instructed for the entire class period. It included a class lecture, class discussion, and content specifically centered around Commercial Sex and Stombler’s Ch 10 within the text book, in addition to my research concentration reflecting the intersections of bodies, sexual surrogacy representations, and disability.  The delivery of my final presentation (both orally and in power point form) specific challenged the students to focus on the learning objectives that derived from the content that was expressed within my previous statement. The goal was to educate students about the scholarly and pop-culture background, founders, theories, and definitions surrounding the myriad of subjects I had chosen from a lifespan perspective lens, from a legal and illegal implication lens, to challenge the notion of positive and negative portrayals featured within the media with “normal” or “average” body types, disability body types, LGBTQ body types, and able-body types perspectives. My overarching goals were to present content associated with academia related references, relevant related media, and course related content. I ultimately attempted to inspire and instill in the students that mindful communication and mindful language matters and that stereotyping sexual pleasures for certain bodies defeats the purpose in becoming a more diverse, inclusive, and progressive culture. Students discussed with other group members and also shared their group consensus with the class, which ultimately led to more meaningful learning objectives achieved than I had planned for or anything depicted within my power point presentation. This is because, the small group discussions and shared group responses provided a welcoming and trusting outlet for people to learn about and discuss with others on a lifespan and multicultural perspective, about how all sex, how all bodies, how sexual surrogacy, how disability, and the how the future of equally pleasurable sex and sex communication practices are intertwined, affect all bodies types at one point or another in their life time, and can sex-positive communication can be re-shaped and re-defined by anybody willing to learn and listen. 

Priscilla L. Roman is a United States Navy-Seabee Veteran and a First-Generation graduate student. Priscilla earned the title of Magna Cum Laude on her Bachelor of Arts degree from Old Dominion University in 2018, while majoring in the field of Communication with concentrations in Public Relations, Persuasion, and Advocacy. Priscilla is presently studying within the Master of Arts Lifespan & Digital Communication Program at Old Dominion University, in addition to earning a graduate certificate in Social Justice & Entrepreneurship. Priscilla will complete her Master of Arts project in the spring of 2021 and will graduate in May 2021. Priscilla is a member of the ODU Student Veterans Association and intermittently volunteers her time coordinating resources for other veterans interested in attending graduate school. Priscilla is presently the M.A. Lifespan & Digital Communication 2019-2020 graduate program assistant for Old Dominion University at the Norfolk, Virginia, campus. Priscilla is passionate about critically analyzing and exploring themes pertaining to disability media studies, gender, femininity, branding and toys, disability pop-culture, and the lifespan representation of bodies with disabilities (adult manikins, public art, and children’s toys) advertised and marketed to consumers. Priscilla will pursue her passions on a local level, by studying everyday life scenarios for students with disabilities on the Old Dominion University campus and the digital disability media technology resources offered. Priscilla aspires to attain an entrepreneurial leadership position within the military, or public retail and marketing sector, to advocate for the modification of traditional manikins embodying carbon fiber limbs, hearing aids, holding service animals, and displaying other conditions, in order to inspire social justice upon the completion of her Master of Arts degree and Social Justice & Entrepreneurship graduate certificate. Priscilla enjoys living life to the fullest with all of her family and friends!