Gender, Sex, Culture, Folklore, and the Body

Month January 2020

Reader Response – Parenting Thoughts

After reading our letters to our bodies, one of our readers (hi, Rebecca!) wrote asking: “I would be interested in knowing how you would, after all this reflection, recommend a parent to help their child feel like they are “enough.”… Continue Reading →

Letters to Ourselves

This week, after talking about body image and the roots of body dissatisfaction, we thought about what we wished we could tell our childhood selves. We could choose any age to write to, but you’ll notice many of us chose… Continue Reading →

Kicking off the Spring Semester!

As our Gender, Fashion, and the Body class kicked off the semester, instead of sharing a “fun fact” about ourselves (insert eye roll here), we shared a recommendation. As you’ll see, these are wide ranging, just like we are as… Continue Reading →

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