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Month February 2020

Bodylore and Public Relations

Studying bodylore is studying how people identify themselves and analyzing how culture is reflected through the representation of people’s physical appearance.  A person’s representation of identity can be how they communicate with others, which is how relationships start to develop. I am currently… Continue Reading →

Bodylore and Communication

Our bodies are what allows us to navigate through the world, day in and day out. To understand our bodies, we must understand what bodylore is. According to Amy Milligan, “Bodylore includes the ways in which the body is used… Continue Reading →

Bodylore and Human Resources

It isn’t out of the ordinary for people to express themselves through fashion and different body modifications such as piercings and tattoos. However, in the workplace, some people may feel the need to suppress their individuality to suit a traditional… Continue Reading →

Bodylore and Women’s Studies

While we might not want to admit it, body image and our perception of other bodies is a part of our everyday life. Our decision on what to wear, what to eat, how we interact, and how we perceive others… Continue Reading →

Bodylore and Music

Our bodies are our primary intersection with our perceived realities. As a musician I am acutely aware of this fairly universal truth. Perhaps it is not something I have always been consciously attuned to, but I have nonetheless been dealing… Continue Reading →

Bodylore and Health Services and Administration

My Body is Changing and That is OKAY I work with the elderly, and I feel I have a tremendous role in helping them understand that, although their bodies are currently in state of change, that doesn’t mean they should… Continue Reading →

Bodylore and Nursing

In the world of nursing, it would seem obvious that the study of the body is incorporated into the practice. In a literal and physiological sense this is true, considering the academic focus on human anatomy in nursing school, but… Continue Reading →

Bodylore and Media Studies

Media effects on body imaging Like every woman who is constantly being targeted through media, I understood how it was affecting me every day. Being passionate about studying media and how it works, I always thought that I have better… Continue Reading →

Bodylore Informed Parenting

9, YES! Nine fantastic offspring between me and the hubster – we adore each of them along with our new absolutely perfect granddaughter. I’ve spent a lot of years as a parent and working with youths affected by domestic violence,… Continue Reading →

Bodylore and Entertainment Journalism

Challenging Body Norms through Media Bodylore is an integral component of our lives and social interactions. As humans, we understand ourselves and engage with other through the use and acceptance of our bodies. In order to understand what bodylore encompasses,… Continue Reading →

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