My Body is Changing and That is OKAY

Young, Liam

I work with the elderly, and I feel I have a tremendous role in helping them understand that, although their bodies are currently in state of change, that doesn’t mean they should not continue to use it to express themselves or even try to hide it. It is my job to continuously make them feel comfortable. Although already being a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and a previous nursing major, but now a Health Services and Administrations major, I never knew nor heard about bodylore so, I did not recognize the importance of it up until now. Knowing what bodylore is and what it stands for, I now know that I had been introduced to it several years ago when coming into the healthcare field I was just unaware that it had a word tied to it. Not only does bodylore tie into my preferred career choice and interests but my home life as well. 

When thinking about how bodylore connects with my major, I find it hard because when I think Health Services and Administration I think about the management/ paperwork side of things, but I realize it is not just about that it is also about planning and executing that plan to give the best care and treatment to your patients or residents. Also, I currently hold the job title of an LPN charge nurse and at the facility I am employed at I have seen and come in contact with several diverse bodylores. I feel it is necessary to recognize this as Dr. Amy Milligan believes a person uses their body lots of the time to express themselves rather than speech. Whether that be complimenting them on their hair, outfit choice, or appearance in general, as well as controlling facial expressions when I do see the aging of breasts, microphalluses or even when they choose to wear a crazy looking outfit. Although I have this understanding of the body not only mine but others as well I still feel that learning more about it can better help me help others understand as well and that it is not only what we see physically, but what we are as whole with religion, race/ethnicity, and political views being included. 

The stumbling blocks those in my studies may face is not being considerate or interested enough to know the importance of body studies, especially the ones on the administrative side they may feel it is no need for them to know anything about the being that they will not come in contact as often with patients as someone from the nursing side will. Or for instance someone working with the elderly may think just because someone is well over their 60s they may have come to terms with the changes their body has experienced over someone who is in their late 20s experiencing pregnancy for the first time. They both are fairly similar and should be treated with the same respect and care because it is a new change for the older adult and the pregnant mom. 

Going into this field of studies will require an open mind when discussing the study of bodies. At times you will have to detach your personal feelings when dealing with certain situations, to prevent yourself from feeling a certain way and then allowing your emotions to take over especially regarding religion or political views. Being in the healthcare field you have to realize that people are coming to you in most of the time their most vulnerable state or time in their life so, it is best to be as free of judgement as possible. In no way shape or form am I telling someone going down this path to completely be emotionless and not have feelings because that is almost impossible but telling them to try being more unfeeling in a way especially around the patient or resident. I will conclude this with a statement by Ilana Yurkiewicz “I do not want to let the heartache that comes from one unfortunate outcome become such an overwhelming emotional drain that it detracts from my ability to care for others.” I feel this is a significant statement because it is very true, emotions can sometimes steer you in a way that is not good. 

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My name is Ohyesitsdess and I am 21 year old Junior here at Old Dominion University with a major in Health Administration and Services with a double minor in Women Studies and Business management. I am currently A Licensed Practical Nurse and look forward to continuing my medical education in the future. I plan to join the Air Force when I finish college and then going on to becoming a Nurse Practitioner so, I can then open my own OBGYN practice. I love love love helping and caring for others so I always want the people around me happy and comfortable as possible.