Studying bodylore is studying how people identify themselves and analyzing how culture is reflected through the representation of people’s physical appearance.  A person’s representation of identity can be how they communicate with others, which is how relationships start to develop. I am currently studying public relations which is about creating relationships between an organization and the public. The reason that I want to study public relations is because the career field that I am most interested in is event planning. I specifically would like to create community events to bring people together or to help build communities. Bodylore and event planning/public relations correlate together because they are both about learning about how people embody the culture around them. When creating an event or a PR campaign for a company I must know who the target audience is to be able to connect with them more. I must also learn the culture and how to better communicate by putting a face with the brand that the audience can identify with or presenting an ideal that the community holds as value.

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I find that learning about body studies teaches me how to better understand people, their culture and their values. Learning about this will give me better skills to connect with people to know what events their community needs/wants or creating a more positive workplace environment for my colleagues. Often, people do not take body studies seriously because if it is not backed up by medical studies then it is not useful knowledge to know. Some people may feel it is not a subject worth learning about in college because they do not know of legitimate fields to where they can go from taking a body studies course. On the contrary, learning about body studies will enhance one’s interpersonal communication skills and overall awareness of society. 

My name is Tiara Batchelor. I am a junior at Old Dominion University. I am majoring in Communication, with a concentration in Public Relations. My goal is to create events within communities around the globe. I am very passionate in learning about politics, spirituality, and nutrition.