This picture is one I found on the web through twitter. I thought that this was a modern way of looking an old piece of history. The asexual mammy role was often given to the older black women who were deemed undesirable, but that is just a misconception that was placed on to black women who were thicker and curvaceous. But they were more than just what their bodies looked like, they were strong and determined to beat what ever came there way, which is one reason I picked this picture because she looks like she can do some serious damage with that stick.

Now this one is just a sad one to look at. This depiction of a mammy character not only on welfare, but as a sexual object that can be bought (by the democrats in this instance). Black women are already seen as lesser than, but on top of that we are only seen as an object of pleasure. This is a very disturbing evolution that has yet to come to an end.

This is an image of Sarah Baartman. Sarah was a black woman that was paraded around Europe for the enjoyment and pleasure of the white man and women. They treated her like she was an object and not a human being just because of her body. She had very round hips and a very large butt. So, the desires of the white man were fulfilled when looking upon her because she was black and was considered lesser than. But the thing is after she died, she still was toured around and made a show out of. White women didn’t want to be here, but fashion materials after her bottom to get the same affect without the factors of being black.;Hyper-Sexualization

These pictures were the center of controversy early last year in 2019. These are picture of a black elementary school teacher that decided to post a picture of herself in a dress while at work. The reason why some people had a problem was because her dress (first picture) was very form fitting and revealing (to some people). Since she is a black woman with curves, she was subjected to everyone’s opinion on how she should dress for work. As a curvy individual as well I can speak from experience and say that most of my dresses and pants fits just like hers. And the bad thing about it is when other women of non-color (mainly white) do it, they are glorified and praised for it and that is where the inequalities arise

Rykea Winston is a junior at Old Dominion University and is getting her degree in English. Her aspirations in life is to live a life that Christ would want her to live and she plans to do that through the goals she has set. She wants to become a librarian; she wants to reach young minds like her childhood librarians reached her, as well as own her own non-profit that helps middle and low income children get tutoring and mentoring.