This photo above represents what many slaveowners and people back in the day depicted black women to look like. Creed stated in his book Ain’t I a Beauty Queen? “Mass media images of black women may have been produced for the amusement of whites”, and that’s exactly what the photo is proving. There is a dark skinned, short haired, very curvaceous women above and slaveowners tried to make everyone believe this is what all black women looked like and that they were “ugly”. Creed also stated in her book  “In popular culture, a working black woman was an ugly drudge”. I find this picture to be very offensive to black women, it is a stereotype of how people believe black women should look especially the older ones. If you do not look like that then as a black woman then some people especially males expect or prefer for you to have some type of curve or “some meat on your bones”. I feel it is very messed up because you rarely hear males’ bodies getting talked about especially during the years of slavery, there were no pictures or figures that were “depictions” of them. I feel that in today’s society of 2020 people are becoming more accepting of other bodies. When I say that I mean that although some people have certain body preferences, they can more likely get over the person they are with body’s type in today’s society being that it can be an easy fix. 

I completely agree with this tweet. I feel that black women as whole are looked at as overweight while the white women as a whole are looked at like skinny supermodels. When in fact both races matter of fact all races have women of different shapes and sizes, so I don’t understand why a black womens shape or size is such a widely talked about topic. Nowadays there are still people who hypersexualize black women but not as bad or as much as it was back in the day. Naw we are able to speak up for ourselves if we find our selves in a predicament like that or we can wallk away which is something to be grateful for. Slaves had no choice but to stand their and take that type of abuse which is horrible. 

Although I love Madea and am just about a die-hard a fan I find this picture to be an issue. It feeds into the “mammy” characteristics, it shows a darker skinned bigger woman. She also is not a very attractive woman. If you have seen any of her movies or plays who notice the role she plays, or even the other older women around her. They are always playing the care takers role, and they are looked at as asexual while the younger females receive all the attention and are hypersexualized. 

      In this photo there is dark skinned bigger women who looks like she is a mad slave worker. This woman was supposed to basically be the stay at home mom and caretaker, all while she had her own family at home that she was not able to give the same care too. I feel as though some black people also feed into this stereo type because it is often said that grandmas that are more heavier or look something like the character above are able to cook and take care of their family rather than someone that looks of the opposite. Although she probably had a husband and kids back home she was still asexualized and desexualized. 


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