Gender, Sex, Culture, Folklore, and the Body



Sex: A Self Reflection

Sex has always been something hard for me to talk about, mostly because it’s something people do not feel comfortable discussing openly and honestly. Sex was not something my parents tried too hard to keep away from me; it was… Continue Reading →

Check Your Sources!

As we’ve thought about our work together as a class this semester, we compiled a list of sources that we would consider visiting for information. Some of these are scholarly sources, others are organizations, and some are groups. We know… Continue Reading →

A New Semester of Sexing the Body!

Welcome back, Monarchs! We’re back at the keyboard with our Sexing the Body class, committed to bringing you quality content! During our first week, we discussed the importance of understanding the difference between arousal, consent, desire, and pleasure. We were… Continue Reading →

Body Reflections

At the end of the semester, here are some reflections from WMST 495/595, “Gender, Fashion, and the Body.” If you could tell people one thing that they need to know about bodies, what would it be? Bodies aren’t just bodies…. Continue Reading →

Final Project: Goth Makeup Tutorial

Megan H. is a Freshman at ODU currently majoring in History who loves dogs, 80s music, and Disney World. Megan is interested in topics like feminism, gender, sexuality, and how the media effects how people view themselves.

Final Project: Papier-Mache Penis

When I first started this project, I thought that the papier-mâché of the penis would destigmatize it. However, I was wrong. In reality, the project was a conversation starter. The shock value allowed people to be open and more receptive… Continue Reading →

Final Project: The Casting Couch

With my final project, I wanted to use this as a chance to reconnect myself with my first topic of the semester (and my career!), theatre.I created a type of living art piece that symbolizes the joke those in the… Continue Reading →

Final Project: The Power of Makeup

My research for this semester has been an exploration of makeup, the beauty industry/community, and stigmas attached to makeup and those who wear it. For my final project, I delved into The Power of Makeup, a tutorial turned challenge created… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Colorism Myth Buster Book

The Colorism Myth Buster book breaks down five common misconceptions or prejudices regarding skin color and beauty. With this short Myth Buster book, I wanted to convey a positive message about skin colors and inclusively to the potential reader. I… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Body Shaming Video

Over the course of the semester we have talked about the act of body shaming quite frequently in class, and I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of it for my final project. Body shaming is defined as the action… Continue Reading →

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