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Abdominoplasty: Tummy Tucks

Abortion (U.S.)

African American Women: A History of Bodies

American Indian Headdresses


Atlanta Strip Culture


Breast Augmentation

Breast Size and Animated Media

Body Image Activist: Ashley Graham

Body Piercing

Bondage and Submission in the Golden Age of the Wonder Woman Comics


Colorism: You’re Pretty for a Dark Skinned Girl

Colorism within the African American Community

Exploring Fat Shaming Through Family Guy

Fashion in Fairytales and Its Repercussions 

Fat Activism

Fat Shaming: The History and Consequences for us all

Foot Binding

Gore Vidal

Gothic Fashion

Hair and Its Large Impact and Importance for Women of Color

Happy to be Nappy

Hidden Numbers: The History of Women’s Clothing Sizes in the US

Homosexuality within the NFL and NBA

Inked and Exiled: A History of Tattooing In Japan

Intersectionality and Sex Education

Intersectionality and Sexuality


Penis Enlargement

Phallus on a Pedestal 

Portrayal of Wonder Woman’s Body and Costumes


Priests’ Sexual Abuse

Rainbow Road

RuPaul’s Aesthetics

Sexual Surrogacy and Disabled Clientele 

Skin Bleaching

Tattoos Redefined


Western Censorship of Queer Characters in the Sailor Moon Anime Series