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Abdominoplasty: Tummy Tucks

African American Women: A History of Bodies

American Indian Headdresses

Breast Augmentation

Breast Size and Animated Media

Body Image Activist: Ashley Graham

Body Piercing

Bondage and Submission in the Golden Age of the Wonder Woman Comics


Colorism: You’re Pretty for a Dark Skinned Girl

Colorism within the African American Community

Exploring Fat Shaming Through Family Guy

Fashion in Fairytales and Its Repercussions 

Fat Activism

Fat Shaming: The History and Consequences for us all

Foot Binding

Gore Vidal

Gothic Fashion

Hair and Its Large Impact and Importance for Women of Color

Happy to be Nappy

Hidden Numbers: The History of Women’s Clothing Sizes in the US

Inked and Exiled: A History of Tattooing In Japan


Phallus on a Pedestal 

Portrayal of Wonder Woman’s Body and Costumes


Rainbow Road

RuPaul’s Aesthetics

Skin Bleaching

Tattoos Redefined


Western Censorship of Queer Characters in the Sailor Moon Anime Series