Victoria Andriyanova is a senior at Old Dominion University currently pursuing a B.S. in Communications with concentration in Media Studies. Victoria is optimistic and self-driven person who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm. She is passionate about studying the media effects on body imaging and role of pop culture in  defining body imaging. In her spare time Victoria likes to watch an unhealthy amount of films, which makes her a borderline cinemaholic. 

 My name is Tiara Batchelor. I am a junior at Old Dominion University. I am majoring in Communication, with a concentration in Public Relations. My goal is to create events within communities around the globe. I am very passionate in learning about politics, spirituality, and nutrition. 

Astha Bhandari is a graduate student at Old Dominion 
Universityin the Applied Sociology Program with a concentration in Women’s Studies. She has a Bachelor of Arts in the Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies. She also works as a graduate assistant at the Women’s Center. 
You will find her sitting quietly, passing gentle smiles across the room. She is not too vocal, but she loves to write. She admires the non-binary fashion!

Yvonnia Bryant is a 21 year old senior at Old Dominion University finishing up her last semester as an undergraduate student. She is majoring in Communications, minoring in Women’s Studies. In her free time, Yvonnia has a podcast (Melanated Queens), is a LEC tutor, and is a part of the Old Dominion chapter of Queen In You where serves on the E-board as an events planner.

Selena Carlson-Hagstrom is a  44 year old junior at ODU, double majoring in Women’s Studies and Theatre.  As a dog mom of 3 and human mom of 4, step mom of 5 and Nana to the most perfect granddaughter ever, healthy doses of humor serve her well in her daily life. She has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up or if she wants to grow up. In the meantime she is honing her craft as a creative person bridging  advocacy and activism with comedy to open hearts and minds to difficult topics of conversations. While she is occasionally funny, at least in her mind, she is more often very kind, compassionate with a dash of foul mouthed honesty. If you’d like some erratic content from her elsewhere check out Tea With Selena on Facebook or Instagram where you may get an annual post about something or another.

Gene Chieffo a is retired Army Musician and teacher. He studied clarinet at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and holds a Bachelor of Science in Music (Clarinet Performance), and a Master of Education degree. A native Philadelphian, he performed with Army Bands all over North America, Europe, and Asia from 1985 until 2005. Upon his retirement from Army Bands, he taught in Philadelphia Area public schools for 15 years. He would like his third chapter to include taking his musical skills to the next level as a freelancer in the Hampton Roads area, publishing an article, or a poem…anything really, and perhaps finally figuring out what is happening inside of his head, and all around him, for the first time.

Caitlin Fitzpatrick is a junior at Old Dominion University. She is majoring in Lifespan Communications and hopes to go into Human Resources.  You can usually find her working as the receptionist in the Office of Student Conduct and Academic Integrity or feeding the street cats near campus. She is a big fan of coffee, tattoos, and true crime documentaries. 

Katherine is a Cosplayer, Women’s Studies major, and overall nerd. She likes to analyze and understand aspects of feminism and social justice in nerd culture, including cosplay. She mainly focuses on Star Wars, specifically the new movies and how they reflect our current world with their characters, world building, and stories. 

Legendary goddess is a wonderful young woman who has been attending Old Dominion University for the last 2 years. She is a sophomore majoring in Parks, Recreation, and tourism studies with a concentration in Recreational Therapy and a minor in Women’s Studies. She loves to draw and write music. Through her artwork she is able to express herself but also allow others to witness the pain that she has been through but is pushing through everyday without hesitation. She has always been plus size but over the years she has really learned to embrace her body more and more. Her love for herself has turned into a wonderful confidence booster along with motivation to help others love their body’s and self more!

Angel Lewis is a senior at Old Dominion University, full-time Cake Decorator, wife of 23 years, and mother of Chauncey (22), Sierra (20), and Kieran (8). She is pursuing a double major in Sociology and Criminal Justice, with a minor in Women’s Studies. Her academic interests are race, gender identity, media representations of prison culture, and new age eugenics. She began her educational journey in nursing then realized that she wanted to help others in a different way, by being their voice. “I seek to use my knowledge to help those that are being taken advantage of by the system; many of whom don’t even know that they’re a victim.” After graduation, she plans on continuing  her education (you’re never too old to learn), while pursuing a career in social justice and prison reform.  

Madeline is a sophomore at Old Dominion University. She is very passionate about learning how she can incorporate her minor in Women’s Studies into her future career as a nurse. Madeline spends her free time working out, traveling or getting coffee with friends. 

Kamiya Mayfield is a 19 year old Sophomore who currently attends Old Dominion University. She is pursing a major in Pre-Nursing and a minor in Women’s Studies. Currently, she works as a Newborn Hearing Screen Technician for St. Francis Medical Center in Midlothian, Virginia. At Old Dominion, she holds an Executive Board position for The League of Distinction which is an organization dedicated to community service, leadership, and making a differences in the lives around them. Her dream is to finish school and pursue a career as Labor & Delivery Nurse. Her favorite quote is one by Maya Angelou, “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.”

My name is Ohyesitsdess and I am 21 year old Junior here at Old Dominion University with a major in Health Administration and Services with a double minor in Women Studies and Business management. I am currently A Licensed Practical Nurse and look forward to continuing my medical education in the future. I plan to join the Air Force when I finish college and then going on to becoming a Nurse Practitioner so, I can then open my own OBGYN practice. I love love love helping and caring for others so I always want the people around me happy and comfortable as possible. 

Priscilla L. Roman is a United States Navy-Seabee Veteran and a First-Generation graduate student. Priscilla earned the title of Magna Cum Laude on her Bachelor of Arts degree from Old Dominion University in 2018, while majoring in the field of Communication with a concentration in Public Relations, Persuasion, and Advocacy. Priscilla is presently studying within the Master of Arts Lifespan & Digital Communication Program at Old Dominion University, in addition to earning a Women’s Studies Graduate Certificate. Priscilla will complete her Master of Arts project in the spring of 2021 and will graduate in May 2021. 
Priscilla is passionate about critically analyzing and exploring themes pertaining to disability media studies, gender, femininity, branding and toys, disability pop-culture, and the lifespan representation of bodies with disabilities (adult manikins, public art, and children’s toys) advertised and marketed to consumers. Priscilla will pursue her passions on a local level, by studying everyday life scenarios for students with disabilities on the Old Dominion University campus and the digital disability media technology resources offered. Priscilla aspires to attain an entrepreneurial leadership position within the military, or public retail and marketing sector, by digitally advocating for the modification of traditional manikins from a lifespan perspective while embodying carbon fiber limbs, hearing aids, holding service animals, and displaying other conditions, in order to inspire social justice and body positive activism campaigns upon the completion of her Master of Arts degree.

Taylor Simmons is a graduate student in the Humanities MA program at Old Dominion University. She received her undergraduate degree in Communication and hopes to fulfill a career in the television industry. In her free time, she enjoys shopping and watching reality television. She believes that her leadership has enabled her to succeed through her matriculation thus far. Her goal is to one day have a talk show where she can use her platform to continue to inspire and empower others. 

Rykea Winston is a junior at Old Dominion University and is getting her degree in English. Her aspirations in life is to live a life that Christ would want her to live and she plans to do that through the goals she has set. She wants to become a librarian; she wants to reach young minds like her childhood librarians reached her, as well as own her own non-profit that helps middle and low income children get tutoring and mentoring.