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Dieting Myths

Diet culture is everywhere these days. From paleo to keto and everything in between there are so many options to lose wight by choosing various diet plans. Dieting is any set of restrictive food rules (except medical or religious concerns)…. Continue Reading →

PREA and LGBTQ Bodies

  The past few years have brought heightened attention to sexual abuse, and sexual harassment thanks to the #MeToo movement. While news reports highlighted more and more highly respectable men in power taking advantage of the women around them; bringing more… Continue Reading →

Blind Symphonic Auditions: Mitigating the Body’s Effect on Orchestral Jobs

Attaining a position in a modern American symphony orchestra is an extremely competitive endeavor. Today a single opening may attract hundreds of highly qualified candidates. During the first half of the 20th century, professional orchestras in the United States were overwhelmingly… Continue Reading →

Non-Binary Fashion

The Collins dictionary defines the nonbinary as “relating to a gender or sexual identity that does not belong to the binary categories of male or female, heterosexual or homosexual.” Non-binary fashion is the fashion of the nonbinary but not limited to the nonbinary individuals. Non-Binary Fashion is the art of dressing… Continue Reading →

Stereotyping and Objectifying Women of Color on the Internet and in Social Media

Images of women of color in a variety of unflattering contexts proliferate all over the Internet and in our “so called” social media. Let’s take a closer look at a few.  One of the main archetypal stereotypes is that of… Continue Reading →

The Asexual Mammy and the Hypersexualization of Black Women

Throughout western culture, the media has found many ways to sexualize and caricaturize the physical attributes of black women. However, the mammy figure depicts a black woman who has no sexual lure even while still possessing the physical characteristics that… Continue Reading →

The Hypersexualized Black Female Body

At a young age, black girls are being hypersexualized earlier than their peers. The black and white picture of the young girls are a clear example of this. In many cases black little girls are not seen as little girls,… Continue Reading →

What’s The Mammy?

This photo above represents what many slaveowners and people back in the day depicted black women to look like. Creed stated in his book Ain’t I a Beauty Queen? “Mass media images of black women may have been produced for the amusement… Continue Reading →

She Had a Name

Hattie McDaniel played the role of “Mammy” a slave, head of house management, and care provider to one of the main white helpless female character’s in “Gone With the Wind” 1939, that film was my first conscious exposure to the… Continue Reading →

The Asexual Mammy Figure and the Black Body

The role of the “mammy” derived during slavery, which resulted from the race relations the country endured. A mammy was typically an overweight black woman, employed by a white family to serve as their caregiver, and provide assistance to the… Continue Reading →

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