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Bodylore and Human Resources

It isn’t out of the ordinary for people to express themselves through fashion and different body modifications such as piercings and tattoos. However, in the workplace, some people may feel the need to suppress their individuality to suit a traditional… Continue Reading →

Foot Binding

Although not used anymore, foot binding was a way to reshape or modify girls’ feet by tightly binding them so that the feet could be as small as possible while limiting the growth.  This was practiced in China during the… Continue Reading →

History of Tattooing

Tattooing is a fast-growing art form and type of body modification that puts decoration(s) on the skin by puncturing the flesh with needles and filling it with ink. Typically, they are permanent, but they can also be temporary by applying… Continue Reading →

Tattoos Redefined

Overview: Tattoos are markings on the body that use pigment in the second layer of skin. There is a variation of kinds of tattoos that people can get ranging from temporary to permanent. People use tattoos for amulets, status, therapy,… Continue Reading →

How Body Modification is Affecting Careers

Mikalah Lake is a student at Old Dominion University pursuing a B.S. in Women’s Studies with a minor in Psychology. Causes that are particularly important to her are women’s rights, environmental awareness, leadership, civic duty, and mental health awareness. After… Continue Reading →

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is typically sought by female patients to enlarge their breasts, though it can also be done to change the shape—for example making breasts rounder and evenly shaped.  Breast augmentation can also be done to restore breasts after a… Continue Reading →

Eyeball Tattooing

Eye Dying of the sclera, or cornea of one’s eyes can be rewarding but risky if someone were to practice the procedure. Eyeball tattooing,  as indicated by the Medical Bag, is not a foreign practice. Records indicate it has been seen… Continue Reading →


The history of biohacking is an interesting form of body modification. Not only is the individual making a major modification of their body, but they are also becoming one with the piece of technology they are implanting into their body…. Continue Reading →

Tooth Chiseling

Tooth chiseling is a lesser known form of body modification that is used for some as a necessary spiritual and physical process. Other people (think Twilight fans and people who find fangs attractive) do this purely for enjoyment of body… Continue Reading →


Scarification is the practice of cutting small lines into the skin in a desired design and letting it heal to produce a scar-like tattoo. Incisions can be made with a variety of different objects, but the scalpel is most common… Continue Reading →

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