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Final Project: Body Shaming Video

Over the course of the semester we have talked about the act of body shaming quite frequently in class, and I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of it for my final project. Body shaming is defined as the action… Continue Reading →

Fat Shaming and its Impact on Children

For children who are brought up facing the struggles of being overweight, life can be full of low self-esteem and self-hate. Starting from a young age, a fat child can easily recognize how their appearance affects their identity, through interactions… Continue Reading →

Fat Shaming: The History and Consequences for us all

Fat shaming affects us all.  Where did the idea of ridiculing others based on weight start? To get to know the history of fat shaming one has to be aware of human’s internal need for hierarchical determinants of power.  In… Continue Reading →

Social Pressure to Conform to Beauty Norms

While reading Sarah Grogan’s article (Grogan, Sarah. “Age, social class, ethnicity and sexuality.” Body Image: Understanding Body Dissatisfaction in Men, Women and Children, 2nd ed., pp. 136–191) about beauty ideals in relation to age, social class, ethnicity and sexuality, I could not… Continue Reading →

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