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Bodylore in Psychiatry: A Magic Mix

Bodylore is the quest for the body’s role of communication, along with its social meaning. Psychology is the analysis of the individual, in order to assess their possibility for mental illnesses and overall mental health. If both practices were intertwined… Continue Reading →

Using Body Studies to Challenge the Plus Size Fashion Industry

The body is something some people are comfortable talking about while others do not have much interest. I think the body is something really interesting because we all embody ours in a unique way. I am currently studying fashion and… Continue Reading →

Mixing Business and Fashion: Women’s Professional Fashion

When you look at how women in professional settings, such as politics, business, or academia dress, you can notice a trend. A simple Google search of “professional women” results in countless images of women all in suits: pant suits, skirt… Continue Reading →

Women’s Studies and the Body

People often say that first impressions matter. But as many know, there is a constant pressure to look a certain way even after the first encounter. In our society, there is an emphasis placed on people’s appearances. With this pressure… Continue Reading →

Speaking Through the Body, Not the Voice

Speech pathology is the study and treatment of the speech mechanisms, in relation to a healthy and intelligible voice production. A fruitful voice production encourages an individual to achieve and appreciate the advancements that cultivates through human communication. Intelligible communication… Continue Reading →

Well, if We’re Talking Bodies…

Bodylore, as Katherine Young states in her article titled “Whose Body?: An Introduction to Bodylore,”is a way to “investigat[e] a constellation of corporeal properties in order to illuminate a cluster of theoretical properties” (3). As such, bodylore can be interpreted… Continue Reading →

Renewing Her Body: The Body as a Feminist Ritual Text in the Jewish Renewal Movement, 1970-2017

I’m excited to share that I will be spending a week at the University of Colorado at Boulder as the  Jim and Diane Shneer Fellow in Post-Holocaust American Judaism. During this time, I will be conducting research in their archives and… Continue Reading →


Welcome to the start of the new bodylore site! As with the beginning of any website or blog, please be patient as we add more content throughout the duration of the semester. Looking forward to talking about the body with… Continue Reading →

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