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Difficulties in Parenting Sexually Healthy Humans

Sex Education begins far before “the talk” as does sexual health BASIC FACTS ABOUT BODIES, HOW THEY WORK AND Supporting healthy body image begins at birth and traverses the life span. Parents ask yourselves if your resources, as well as… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Public School Poster Campaign

In the class Sexing the Body, we covered several important aspects, but my personal favorite was when we talked about the education public school students get or don’t get when it comes too sex education. A lot of the visual… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Consent is Key

The overall concept of this course has been sex, the body, and how both of these functions in society. However, I believe that the real theme and takeaway each student should have is that consent is essential when it comes… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism

We live in a society where discussing aspects of one’s lifestyle and/or sexuality can be critically judged from the outside looking in without gaining any insight or knowledge on the topic at hand, especially BDSM culture. Therefore, addressing topics that… Continue Reading →

T.I. and Consent

In a recent podcast interview, the rapper, T.I. revealed that he visits the gynecologist with his eighteen-year-old daughter, Dejyah Harris. This isn’t a common check up to ensure her health, but to ensure that her hymen is still intact, overall,… Continue Reading →

The Katie Hill Resignation: The Revenge Porn Debate and Double Standards

In the last week of October 2019, U.S. Representative Katie Hill resigned her office amid allegations of sexual impropriety.  Hill, a freshman member of congress once considered a rising star in the party, represented a suburban Los Angeles district. She… Continue Reading →

A New Semester of Sexing the Body!

Welcome back, Monarchs! We’re back at the keyboard with our Sexing the Body class, committed to bringing you quality content! During our first week, we discussed the importance of understanding the difference between arousal, consent, desire, and pleasure. We were… Continue Reading →

Consent for Real People

Tired of consent education that is unrealistic? Heteronormative? White? Check out these two awesome consent videos created by Brandon Antonio. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!      

“How do I know when I’m ready to have sex?” – talking to young girls about sex

Looking for ideas on how to talk to young women about sex? Check out DM’s suggestions for scripting your conversation with pre-teen girls in forums like sex education classes, sex awareness programs, or even in your own family. —- Sex!… Continue Reading →

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