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An Exploration of the Hijab

In its most basic definition, the hijab is a headscarf that covers a woman’s hair. It is used in the Muslim faith as a way for women to maintain modesty in the presence of men. In some countries the hijab is only… Continue Reading →

Hymen Checking? Unfortunately, Still a Thing in 2019

Rapper T.I. came under fire today for disclosing on an episode of the podcast, Ladies Like Us, that he takes his eldest daughter to the gynecologist every year to “check her hymen” to ensure it is still intact. T.I. went on… Continue Reading →

T.I. and Consent

In a recent podcast interview, the rapper, T.I. revealed that he visits the gynecologist with his eighteen-year-old daughter, Dejyah Harris. This isn’t a common check up to ensure her health, but to ensure that her hymen is still intact, overall,… Continue Reading →

Sex Trafficking in the News

In Dallas, Texas, two females under the age of eighteen were victims of sex trafficking by sex trafficker, Victoria Bautista. The victims of the sex trafficking were relatives to Bautista. Victoria Bautista would force the minors to engage in sexual… Continue Reading →

“Local health center reports ‘drastic’ increase in STD, HIV rates in Hampton Roads”

The LGBT Life Center in Hampton Roads noticed an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.  Over the past six months there has been 254 cases, which is a 20% increase.  The LGBT Life Center is also seeing an increase in HIV with 31… Continue Reading →

The Katie Hill Resignation: The Revenge Porn Debate and Double Standards

In the last week of October 2019, U.S. Representative Katie Hill resigned her office amid allegations of sexual impropriety.  Hill, a freshman member of congress once considered a rising star in the party, represented a suburban Los Angeles district. She… Continue Reading →

Loop Hole in Sexual Assault Laws in North Carolina

In North Carolina there are still laws that allow sex offenders, rapists, and predators to avoid any jail time in instances of sexual assault and harassment. Prior to 2019, it was legal to spike someone’s drink and not be penalized… Continue Reading →

Rapper T.I Takes His Daughter to the Gynecologist to Ensure Her Virginity: WTF?!

Glorifying virginity, a social construct, can even be seen through toxic parenting, or rather, toxic parental control.  T.I, a well-known rap artist, has gone viral after sharing on a podcast that he takes his 18-year-old daughter to annual gynecologist visits… Continue Reading →

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