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HAIRSTORY: Braids and Appropriation

“They Don’t Like Us, but They Want To Be Like Us”- Yvonnia Black women are known for trying different things with their hair. From wearing natural styles, locs, weaves or maybe even a silk press, the styles are never ending…. Continue Reading →

Tooth Chiseling

Tooth chiseling is a lesser known form of body modification that is used for some as a necessary spiritual and physical process. Other people (think Twilight fans and people who find fangs attractive) do this purely for enjoyment of body… Continue Reading →


Scarification is the practice of cutting small lines into the skin in a desired design and letting it heal to produce a scar-like tattoo. Incisions can be made with a variety of different objects, but the scalpel is most common… Continue Reading →

Our Culture Your Profit

Cultural appropriation has become normalized for the advancement of careers, Halloween costumes, entertainment, and for the acceptance and approval of other individuals. Cultural appropriation of the black community and the “ghettos” has taken a new stance, as members of the… Continue Reading →

Native American Mascots

Earlier this year, the American Major League Baseball team, Cleveland Indians, announced they would be dropping the Chief Wahoo logo from their uniforms in 2019 (Waldstein 2018).  The logo, which features a caricature of a man with deep red skin,… Continue Reading →

American Indian Headdresses

Poor Dog, Oglala Lakota Sioux tribe, wearing a feathered war bonnet, 1898 American Indian headdresses are headpieces worn by First Nations peoples historically during battle and ceremony.  War bonnets have been and are portrayed as fashion accessories in Western media… Continue Reading →

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