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Non-Binary Fashion

The Collins dictionary defines the nonbinary as “relating to a gender or sexual identity that does not belong to the binary categories of male or female, heterosexual or homosexual.” Non-binary fashion is the fashion of the nonbinary but not limited to the nonbinary individuals. Non-Binary Fashion is the art of dressing… Continue Reading →

Bodylore and Sociology and Women’s Studies

Understanding Bodies: Learning Through Bodies Coined in 1989, “bodylore” explores body beyond its anatomy and within cultures, through costumes, movements, in discourses, as identities and as representations. Our bodies are our strengths, our limitations. It is defining our cultures, exhibiting… Continue Reading →

Final Project: The Two Tiers of Representation in Gaming

By the year 2020, the video game market is projected to make over 90 billion US dollars (Best The News 2016). This revenue not only includes the sale of video games, but also the gaming systems, additional gear like mouse,… Continue Reading →

Femininity Ideals and Transgender Youth with Eating Disorders

  Transgender females have been largely cast out by society. Their resilience to this oppression faced on an everyday basis affects their mental health. This issue is contemporary to the current society’s climate, due to the mass media of Caucasian… Continue Reading →

Fashion in Fairytales and its Repercussions

  Fairytales.  Beloved, well-known stories of princes, princesses, and magic passed down by word of mouth through generations.  But fairytales are not as light and easy going as they may seem to be.  Stories that were once told to listeners… Continue Reading →

To be black, to be woman, and to be thin

While reading Grogan’s Body Image, all I could do was shake my head. The studies listed in the section of the book are dated back to the 1990s, and here we are in the year of 2018 and these same… Continue Reading →

Everything is Everything Podcast!

Looking for a great listen? Check out this new podcast from Meghan and Nathan, “Everything is Everything.” Generated as a class project, they’ll continue adding content. Let them know what you think in the comments!

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