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The Katie Hill Resignation: The Revenge Porn Debate and Double Standards

In the last week of October 2019, U.S. Representative Katie Hill resigned her office amid allegations of sexual impropriety.  Hill, a freshman member of congress once considered a rising star in the party, represented a suburban Los Angeles district. She… Continue Reading →

Loop Hole in Sexual Assault Laws in North Carolina

In North Carolina there are still laws that allow sex offenders, rapists, and predators to avoid any jail time in instances of sexual assault and harassment. Prior to 2019, it was legal to spike someone’s drink and not be penalized… Continue Reading →

Root Causes of Violence: Unpacking Treatment of the Female Body

Katharine Young coined the term “bodylore” to encompass the study and discourses of the social construction of the body (Young 1993).  Our bodies, of course belong to us, as the vessels in which we move through life, but our bodies… Continue Reading →

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