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Dieting Myths

Diet culture is everywhere these days. From paleo to keto and everything in between there are so many options to lose wight by choosing various diet plans. Dieting is any set of restrictive food rules (except medical or religious concerns)…. Continue Reading →

T.I. and Consent

In a recent podcast interview, the rapper, T.I. revealed that he visits the gynecologist with his eighteen-year-old daughter, Dejyah Harris. This isn’t a common check up to ensure her health, but to ensure that her hymen is still intact, overall,… Continue Reading →

The Male Birth Control Pill

History of Contraception Contraception are methods and techniques taken to prevent pregnancy and protect from sexually transmitted diseases. Methods have been around since ancient times. Dating back to ancient Greeks where ways to control fertility included using magic, superstition, herbs,… Continue Reading →

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