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Penis Enlargement

The Biological Make Up  The penis is the male genital organ that produces sexual arousal. The penis contains three cylinders which include two lateral corpora cavernous and the central corpus spongiosum. The make up of all three contain blood vessels… Continue Reading →

Phallus on a Pedestal

Overview: Phallus-The penis (A representation of the erect penis as an embodiment of generative power.) This encyclopedia entry will discuss societies standard of a phallus being held to a higher standard than a vagina. Society associates penis with power, maleness,… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Implicit Biases for Men

My overarching goal is to educate the Old Dominion Community about implicit biases towards men, in order for the stigmatization of men who project their feelings as feminine to end.  In order to obtain my goal, I constructed a meeting… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Dick Tie

  Artist Statement: A Critical Comparison of Fascistic (U.S.) Iconography “Dick Tie” is my artistic statement on the state of American Fascism and heteronationalism. My overarching research interests (in WMST 595 this semester) were American masculinity constructions, looking at their… Continue Reading →

The Obama’s National Portraits and Presidential Masculinity

The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery recently unveiled the Obama’s portraits to much admiration and armchair amateur art criticism—of which I will now also participate. Queer Black artist Kehinde Wiley and Baltimore-based Maryland Institute College of Art alum Amy Sherald are… Continue Reading →

Lessons About Your Body in Your Lifetime

The relationship with my body, over twenty-seven years living in it, has consisted of fluid periods between affinity and alienation. There are certain stereotypes and colloquialisms I’ve overheard in my life and have been habituated to by media/societal tropes, which… Continue Reading →

Sex/Body Positivity as a ‘Skinny’ Man.

Sex/body positivity as a ‘Skinny’ man. And as a gay man, it’s all the more complicated. Yes, there is masculine privilege in living in a male body inherently, but that thinness is still gendered, socio-economically driven, related to issues of… Continue Reading →

Addicted to the Blue Light: Porn Addiction, Masturbation, and Erectile Dysfunction Among Young Men

Dr. Alfred Kinsey, a pioneer in the field of sexology, uncovered a truth in the late 1940s that shook up the world: people masturbate! What Kinsey could not have researched was what happens to young men from masturbating too much,… Continue Reading →

Are You Using a Condom Correctly?

According to a study conducted at Emory University Health Sciences Center, condom use errors are common among college-age males. The basic highlighted issues from this study were the following: Not checking the condom before sex (74%) Neglecting to check the… Continue Reading →

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