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What is done in Secret Comes to Light: History of Sexual Abuse by Priests

Men within the Catholic Church that desire to become priests have to both be unmarried and celibate. Celibacy is the practice of abstaining from marriage and sexual behaviors. However, there have been centuries of accounts of priests not keeping their… Continue Reading →

Phallus on a Pedestal

Overview: Phallus-The penis (A representation of the erect penis as an embodiment of generative power.) This encyclopedia entry will discuss societies standard of a phallus being held to a higher standard than a vagina. Society associates penis with power, maleness,… Continue Reading →

How Body Modification is Affecting Careers

Mikalah Lake is a student at Old Dominion University pursuing a B.S. in Women’s Studies with a minor in Psychology. Causes that are particularly important to her are women’s rights, environmental awareness, leadership, civic duty, and mental health awareness. After… Continue Reading →

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