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Final Project: Public School Poster Campaign

In the class Sexing the Body, we covered several important aspects, but my personal favorite was when we talked about the education public school students get or don’t get when it comes too sex education. A lot of the visual… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Safe Sex and Abstinence Practices: An IGNITE Presentation

Throughout the duration of this course, I have done much research regarding the importance of comprehensive intersectional sexual education. For my final project, I wanted to continue the theme of sexual education, and create a quick, “crash course” style presentation… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Your Friend the Condom

Final Project: What I Wish I Knew: Sex Ed

For my final project I decided to create a pamphlet filled with comprehensive sex education information. Sex education is often forgot about in school curriculums which leaves students seriously unprepared for the real-world experiences they are bound to encounter. I… Continue Reading →

“Local health center reports ‘drastic’ increase in STD, HIV rates in Hampton Roads”

The LGBT Life Center in Hampton Roads noticed an increase in sexually transmitted diseases.  Over the past six months there has been 254 cases, which is a 20% increase.  The LGBT Life Center is also seeing an increase in HIV with 31… Continue Reading →

Intersectionality and Sexual Education

Sexual education has been a highly debated topic by parents and educators alike. Moreover, the content actually taught in sex education is often varied due to the opposing viewpoints around the subject. Abstinence-only sex education focuses abstinence as the most… Continue Reading →

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