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Difficulties in Parenting Sexually Healthy Humans

Sex Education begins far before “the talk” as does sexual health BASIC FACTS ABOUT BODIES, HOW THEY WORK AND Supporting healthy body image begins at birth and traverses the life span. Parents ask yourselves if your resources, as well as… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Sexual Surrogacy

My final presentation was delivered on 11-21-19 in class, where I instructed for the entire class period. It included a class lecture, class discussion, and content specifically centered around Commercial Sex and Stombler’s Ch 10 within the text book, in addition to… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Sex Conversation with my Mom!

When some of my classmates stated that they were not comfortable sharing their “sex lives” with their parents, it really inspired me to make a video with my mom of us talking about anything that is related to sex.  I am… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Anorgasmia Awareness

Final Project: Is Sex Still a Taboo Subject Video

After spending the semester discussing the ins and outs of many topics, including sexual dysfunction, sexual practice, and sexual stigmas, one thing they all share is how sex is viewed amongst us. Being in this class helped me acknowledge just… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism

We live in a society where discussing aspects of one’s lifestyle and/or sexuality can be critically judged from the outside looking in without gaining any insight or knowledge on the topic at hand, especially BDSM culture. Therefore, addressing topics that… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Poetry, Is This What It Is?

Is This What It Is? A brain dump In my house we never discussed two things: relationships and sex You never brought them up because “ I wasn’t old enough” Imagine being a senior in highschool and just having your… Continue Reading →

Sexual Surrogacy & Disabled Clientele

Contents 1. Sexual Surrogacy & the Intersections of Disabled Persons Seeking Surrogate Partner Therapy 1.1 Sexual Surrogacy Origin, Definitions, Practitioners, & Clientele 2. Sexual Surrogacy Certifications & Legalities  2.1 Sexual Surrogacy & Disability Media Links  2.2 Sexual Surrogacy: Worldwide &… Continue Reading →

Intersectionality and Sexual Education

Sexual education has been a highly debated topic by parents and educators alike. Moreover, the content actually taught in sex education is often varied due to the opposing viewpoints around the subject. Abstinence-only sex education focuses abstinence as the most… Continue Reading →


Table of contents Definition Arousal in sexual contexts Arousal in emotional contexts The science behind arousal Definition a·rou·sal /əˈrouzl/ Arousal refers to the experience of increased physiological activity. This is often accompanied by an increased heart rate, perspiration, and rapid… Continue Reading →

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