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Fashion in Fairytales and its Repercussions

  Fairytales.  Beloved, well-known stories of princes, princesses, and magic passed down by word of mouth through generations.  But fairytales are not as light and easy going as they may seem to be.  Stories that were once told to listeners… Continue Reading →

Zine: Exotic Dancing

Check out this cool zine that Danielle Mercado made as a class project. She uses this innovative format to discuss how sex work and exotic dancing is treated in the United States, profiling one woman and her experiences. Danielle challenges… Continue Reading →

Dance Performance

This powerful piece gets at the heart of domestic and intimate partner violence. Choreographed and performed by Brittani Hooker as part of her final class project.

I Call Him KamaSutra – Spoken Word Poetry

Check out this powerful spoken word poetry piece written and performed by Bri Swan as a final class project.  

Sexual Beings of Hampton Roads

Do you love the style of Humans of New York? Check out this awesome project on sexuality and how it is experienced by individuals in the Hampton Roads area! Mikalah worked on this as a final project for a course… Continue Reading →

Can You Find The Perfect Body?

In Chapter 6 of Sarah Grogan’s text, Body Image: Understanding Body Dissatisfaction in Men, Women and Children, the author attempts to, as the end of the chapter summarizes, “review data from a variety of sources looking at the mediating effects… Continue Reading →

Studies of the Body

Toni created a beautiful piece of art about the sexualization of the human body for WMST 495: Sexing the Body. Check out a photo of her art and let her know what you think in the comments!

Consent for Real People

Tired of consent education that is unrealistic? Heteronormative? White? Check out these two awesome consent videos created by Brandon Antonio. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!      

Professor Marston and the Wonder Woman: An Exploration Queerness, Polyamory, and BDSM

  In the fall of 2017, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women premiered in limited theaters across the United States. Written and directed by Angela Robinson, the film is a biopic that tells the dramatized story of Dr. William Moulton… Continue Reading →

Bondage and Submission in the Golden Age of the Wonder Woman Comics

  Wonder Woman is an eponymous superhero created by Dr. William Marston in. First appearing in American comic books in 1942, Wonder Woman was a controversial figure due to the elements of eroticism it featured, particularly BDSM, during what is… Continue Reading →

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