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Bodylore and Sociology and Women’s Studies

Understanding Bodies: Learning Through Bodies Coined in 1989, “bodylore” explores body beyond its anatomy and within cultures, through costumes, movements, in discourses, as identities and as representations. Our bodies are our strengths, our limitations. It is defining our cultures, exhibiting… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Musical Composition, Society, LGBTQ Families, and Adoption

While working on my last article, a reflection on the Katie Hill ordeal that was all over the news as October transitioned into November, I ran across this news headline: “Pence praises rule that would let adoption agencies exclude gay parents.” It… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Painting, The Anonymous Woman

Throughout the course I had the pleasure of expanding my understanding of concepts pretraining to sex, sex stigmas, sex culture, and many other topics related to the body. In each class discussion I felt comfortable enough to listen and voice… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Sexual Surrogacy

My final presentation was delivered on 11-21-19 in class, where I instructed for the entire class period. It included a class lecture, class discussion, and content specifically centered around Commercial Sex and Stombler’s Ch 10 within the text book, in addition to… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Sex Conversation with my Mom!

When some of my classmates stated that they were not comfortable sharing their “sex lives” with their parents, it really inspired me to make a video with my mom of us talking about anything that is related to sex.  I am… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Is Sex Still a Taboo Subject Video

After spending the semester discussing the ins and outs of many topics, including sexual dysfunction, sexual practice, and sexual stigmas, one thing they all share is how sex is viewed amongst us. Being in this class helped me acknowledge just… Continue Reading →

Final Project: Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism

We live in a society where discussing aspects of one’s lifestyle and/or sexuality can be critically judged from the outside looking in without gaining any insight or knowledge on the topic at hand, especially BDSM culture. Therefore, addressing topics that… Continue Reading →

Intersectionality and Sexuality

Intersectionality was coined by Kimberle Crenshaw in 1989, to describe how race, class, gender, and other characteristics interact and produce unique experiences based on the different interactions one has. Race, class, and gender all impact how and if one is… Continue Reading →

Sexuality in the 21st Century

According to the Human Rights Campaign, sexual orientation can be defined as “an inherent or immutable enduring romantic or sexual attraction to other people.” In the last decade, the seemingly black and white topic of sexuality and sexual orientation only… Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk about Sex… In School

In the year of 2019 there has been a huge shift in the society’s embracement of sexuality and sexual orientation. Over the years many have grown to accept the LGBT community and adapted the world to include all identities in our everyday… Continue Reading →

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