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Sexual Surrogacy & Disabled Clientele

Contents 1. Sexual Surrogacy & the Intersections of Disabled Persons Seeking Surrogate Partner Therapy 1.1 Sexual Surrogacy Origin, Definitions, Practitioners, & Clientele 2. Sexual Surrogacy Certifications & Legalities  2.1 Sexual Surrogacy & Disability Media Links  2.2 Sexual Surrogacy: Worldwide &… Continue Reading →

Intersectionality and Sexual Education

Sexual education has been a highly debated topic by parents and educators alike. Moreover, the content actually taught in sex education is often varied due to the opposing viewpoints around the subject. Abstinence-only sex education focuses abstinence as the most… Continue Reading →


Table of contents Definition Arousal in sexual contexts Arousal in emotional contexts The science behind arousal Definition a·rou·sal /əˈrouzl/ Arousal refers to the experience of increased physiological activity. This is often accompanied by an increased heart rate, perspiration, and rapid… Continue Reading →

Sex Should Not Be Put in a Box

When thinking back to when I was a kid I do not remember any “sex talks” or lessons giving in home. My mom was pretty much silent about the topic sex. She was not one of those parents that required… Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex and sexuality have become areas of study that highly interest me. However, the way I perceive and talk about sex currently has not always been so easy. From the way sex was taught to me growing up, to portrayals… Continue Reading →


“Close them legs, sit up straight with your back on the chair, you are becoming a woman and us ladies do not sit that way in any kind of unorderly manner. You are sending a message to them little boys… Continue Reading →

Lessons on Sex: Self-Exploration, Trial, and Error

From as early as I can recall, I had no clear lessons on sex or sexuality. It has been, right from the beginning, a journey of self-exploration, trial and error. Lots of error. First, I suppose a bit of background… Continue Reading →

Sex: A Self Reflection

Sex has always been something hard for me to talk about, mostly because it’s something people do not feel comfortable discussing openly and honestly. Sex was not something my parents tried too hard to keep away from me; it was… Continue Reading →

Phallus on a Pedestal

Overview: Phallus-The penis (A representation of the erect penis as an embodiment of generative power.) This encyclopedia entry will discuss societies standard of a phallus being held to a higher standard than a vagina. Society associates penis with power, maleness,… Continue Reading →

Nursing and the Body

Nursing is one of the most trusting, and open fields, but it is difficult for healthcare workers to discuss sexuality. Patients reveal everything to the nurse; most often they confide in them before the physician. Some patients see the nurse… Continue Reading →

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