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Wonder Woman

Final Project: Wonder Woman Paper Doll Series

  For my final project, I decided to create a paper doll with a series of outfits. The outfits are meant to be different variations of the Wonder Woman character as a way of keeping the theme of my body… Continue Reading →

Portrayal of Wonder Woman’s Body and Costume

Portrayal of Wonder Woman’s Body and Costume During the Golden Age of Comics Wonder Woman, also known as Diana Prince, is a superhero and contemporary feminist icon created by Dr. William Moulton Marston. The character first appeared in Sensation Comics… Continue Reading →

Well, if We’re Talking Bodies…

Bodylore, as Katherine Young states in her article titled “Whose Body?: An Introduction to Bodylore,”is a way to “investigat[e] a constellation of corporeal properties in order to illuminate a cluster of theoretical properties” (3). As such, bodylore can be interpreted… Continue Reading →

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