The simple answer is yes… and no.

Variables such as geographical location, age, and how active someone is will determine if or how often they use deodorant. Very often people use much more than they actually need. 2% of the population on Earth doesn’t even need deodorant because they do not produce any odor. Developed countries are much more likely to use deodorant than developing countries. Factors like these will determine who actually uses deodorant.

Who uses the most?

The people who use deodorant the most are young Americans. 90% of Americans age 18-29 use deodorant daily, as opposed to only 78% aged 60 and over. America is currently the leader in both deodorant sales and usage, however Brasil is in a very close second and is expected to overtake America soon.

You’re telling me that ALL other countries use deodorant?

MOST other countries use deodorant, whereas in some places it is more common to see more expensive fragrances or colognes. Every country has a “deodorant” of some kind. Deodorant has become increasingly popular with younger generations, and is expected to continue to rise as more and more people around the world catch on to the trend.