TalkAbroad Impression #2

My second TalkAbroad conversation was on November 29, 2018. My partner was Ximena Caro. She is from Bogota, Colombia. I choose her as my partner because we have very similar hobbies. She likes to play the PS4, watch Netflix, and spend time with her family in her free time which, are all the same things I like to do. I had technical difficulties during Ximena and I conversation. My camera was not working however, that did not stop us from conversing. I think Ximena was a really good partner. She gave me great feed back on the things I needed to work on, practicing my vocabulary more. During the start of our conversation I told her about myself and she responded afterwards doing the same. We talked about school and she told me that her school is smaller than mine. We also both agreed that we do not like traffic and both of our cities have traffic. Other than my camera not working, I liked this conversation more because I could understand her when she spoke. I can say this conversation flowed better than the other conversation. I had an even harder time with this conversation because I was not prepared as I wanted to be. Again, my weaknesses were not practicing my Spanish vocabulary as much as I should have. Also, similar to the last conversation, not knowing what words to say when responding. My areas for improvement would definitely be studying hard everyday and utilizing my Spanish more often. I would love to improve in these areas and then go back to TalkAbroad and talk with Ximena again. I want to say thank you to Ximena for speaking with. I am very appreciative to have receive this experience. It helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. I can definitely say TalkAbroad helps so much. I can also say that I can see myself using it in the future to get more comfortable with speaking as well as improving my Spanish speaking. I would highly recommend TalkAbroad for other Spanish learners, especially beginners. I cannot wait to utilize this tool again in the future.