Politics, or political science, is becoming more popular at college. Why? I think it’s because people increasingly associated it with high-status, white collar jobs. I am often asked whether I study politics for this reason – whether I have plans to intern at the United Nations or a big think-tank. But for me, the truth is very different.

I enrolled in the program here because I was interested in learning more about the world and how it worked. I had done some reading on the subject and seen some documentaries on TV, but I didn’t know much about the actual process that governs how countries work. I did not know if I would like it, but I wanted to see if I could. I took four introductory courses, and as a result, I became engrossed in the field. I began to think about politics as an outlet for me to be involved in the world, and in a way, change it.

Politics, really, is the study of people and how they interact. This has applications in so many areas, and is also interesting academically in its own right. For me, the subject is about digging into these interactions and understanding the world better – not about getting a fancy job.

My program has a unique curriculum. It offers courses in political philosophy, political science, public policy, and international relations. The main focus of my program is on the study of political science, which is a broad field of inquiry that includes several different areas of study. The program covers a wide range of topics, including the aforementioned public policy, international relations, political theory, public administration, and political ethics. These topics often overlap with one another, and the course offerings reflect that.

I began by taking political theory courses, which focused on the study of political philosophy. The philosophy courses were a great introduction to the more advanced political science courses. By the time I graduate, I will have taken courses in international relations, political theory, psychology, and even in IT.

When I began the program, I didn’t have any ideas about what career path I wanted to pursue. I took the introductory courses to learn about the world and what makes it tick. After taking the courses, I became more involved in the subject. I began to see politics as a place where I could have an impact and make a difference. I am now working towards a career in the field of foreign affairs.

I can say that choosing political science is one of the best things I have ever done.