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Month June 2021

Making a Living as a College Student

As a post-graduate diploma holder, I am all too familiar with how a college education in the US can cost a small fortune. There are indeed various grants, scholarships, and loans, but more often than not, the figures still don’t… Continue Reading →

How Can Colleges Cut Costs to Reduce Tuition?

This past year has been strange for college students. The traditional on-campus experience has been virtually non-existent amidst the shift to online classes. Instead of staying in dormitories with friends and studying in coffee shops, we have been sent home… Continue Reading →

Affordable Ways for College Students to Manage Mental Health

Being a college student is stressful. Adapting to a new environment, making new friends, planning your future and taking your first steps into the adult world is reason enough to make anyone feel anxious and worried. And this is all… Continue Reading →

Covid-19: A Roadblock in Our Mental Health Journey

The beginning of the pandemic may have brought with it a sense of novelty. We were able to enjoy the convenience of working and studying from home, have some time to invest in our hobbies again and spend more time… Continue Reading →

How To Do A Demo At An Investor Meeting

Investors hear from hundreds of startups, and most have the inability to ‘wow’ them enough. You could have a billion-dollar idea that will take the market by storm, but if you fail to present it well, you lose the opportunity… Continue Reading →

Understanding the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is a huge business in the U.S. with a long history. When I talk to friends about it, I get the general impression that while most people here have a rough understanding of what insurance is about,… Continue Reading →

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