Drew Lopenzina

Associate Professor

Drew Lopenzina teaches in the intersections of Early American and Native American literatures. Classes he has offered in the past include “Pocahontas Unplugged,” which explores the complex discourse grown out of the mytho-historical figure of Pocahontas, “Savagery and Civilization” which examines how oppositional binaries constructed in early American textual productions continue to define contemporary conceptions of the “savage” other, and “Archival Research and Methods,” drawing from his own extensive archival research to think through ways that considerations of race and power interact in the production of archival knowledge. His most recent book, Through an Indian’s Looking Glass (University of Massachusetts Press 2017) is a cultural biography of the Pequot activist and minister William Apess. Lopenzina is also the author of Red Ink: Native Americans Picking up the Pen in the Colonial Period (SUNY Press 2012). His book An Introduction to Native American Literature is forthcoming with Routledge Press in 2020. Essays appear in the journals American Indian QuarterlyAmerican LiteratureAmerican QuarterlyStudies in American Indian LiteratureNative American and Indigenous Studies and others. Lopenzina also enjoys all music recorded in the era between 1967-1974 and will, on occasion, play guitar for his dog.