Attending SDI

On this page you will find a variety of resources that will help you prepare for your two-week stay in Norfolk during the Summer Doctoral Institute (SDI). Below, you can find a campus map of important locations for SDI, links to various topics about life on campus during your stay, and a calendar of events.

SDI Campus Map

SDI Campus Map Info

On this map you will find several important locations for SDI circled (right click on the image of the map and select 'open image in new tab' if the text on the image is too small to read). Circled locations include:

  • The dormitory area where you will stay if you choose to stay on campus (leftmost circled area): The exact dorm where SDI attendees will stay each year may change, but it will be in this general area of campus.
  • Parking garage F (upper-right circled area): The nearest parking garage to the dorms. Although there are short-term parking lots closer to the dorms that you may use when unloading your car, long-term/overnight parking will require you to park in a parking garage. Contact ODU parking services for more information about summer parking passes.
  • Batten Arts and Letters (BAL) building (rightmost circled area): All SDI classes are held in this building.
  • Perry Library (directly to the left of BAL): Plenty of space to work on the first floor. You can also reserve a private room for blocks of time if you need a space to meet for group work. Einstein Bros. Bagels is located on the first floor for any caffeine pick-me-ups you might need.

A full, interactive ODU campus map can be found here.


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