ODU's I-O psychology graduates formed the Industrial and Organizational Student Association (IOPSA) to provide current and future students with opportunities to develop professionally through: 1) Applied psychological research experience, 2) Professional discussions with fellow organization members, alumni and other various I-O professionals, 3) Conference attendance, and 4) Alumni networking. In addition to professional development, IOPSA members participate in community service, philanthropic efforts, and regularly organize social events. IOPSA members support the graduate program by helping to recruit talented applicants, providing financial assistance for conference travel, coordinating program social activities and professional development events, and mentoring undergraduate researchers.

Left: IOPSA at the 2023 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference in Boston, MA

Right: IOPSA at the 2022 Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Conference in Seattle, WA

About our Current Students

The current doctoral students in ODU's I-O program come from a variety of backgrounds.

Where are our students from?

Here are some of the places our students have traveled from to join our program: China, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Utah.


Some hobbies that we engage in the local area include mountain biking & hiking at Virginia's state parks, painting, capoeira, sculpting, playing music (bass, guitar, ukulele), attending sporting events, going to the beach (Virginia Beach is only a 30 minute drive from ODU!), and going to concerts at the Norva.

Additional noteworthy hobbies include reading and discussing books, cooking tasty food, playing board games, and befriending animals (mainly kitties and doggies).

Prior Work Experience

Interesting prior positions that students have held before entering our program include serving as a Community Development Coordinator with the Peace Corps, working as a preschool teacher, working in Human Services, and owning a Brazilian capoeira dance studio.


Current students have also taken internships with AIMCO, CodeSignal, CACI, NASA Headquarters, Norfolk Naval Shipyard, SHRM, and Spencer Stuart

Undergraduate Backgrounds

Students received their undergraduate degrees in fields including, psychology, sociology, media studies, and business. Prior institutions attended by our current students include Gustavus Adolphus College, Henan University, James Madison University, Pennsylvania State University, Southern Utah University, The George Washington University, Virginia Tech, University of Colorado Denver, University of Montana, University of Utah, and University of Virginia.