I enjoyed attending the CyberOps conference. It provided the opportunity to hear from cybersecurity professionals on their perspective of the industry. I was very intrigued by the Assura speaker’s presentation and the information provided on resumes. Even if you have no experience with a tool, you can still show your interest and willingness to learn on your resume.

I especially enjoyed the CTF challenge. The questions ranged in difficulty from simple to relatively difficult. Solving the challenge with the Windows Registry was, in particular, very rewarding. Before I started it, I wasn’t even sure how to view a Registry file. Afterward, I had been able to find the IP of a specific connected device just by using my own skills and the internet. It is also a reminder that I always have something new to learn, though. Cybersecurity is not a stagnant field; professionals are required to keep learning about new technologies and threats on a daily basis. I also enjoyed trying to work through the PKI challenge, although I was unable to solve it. A CTF can be an excellent example of this.