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Jada Cumberland

Cyber Operations, Class of 2026

Cyberwarfare Attribution and Response in the U.S.

Within the past three decades, the use of cyber technologies has grown exponentially in all industries and aspects of our society. From farming to gaming, technology is inextricably intertwined with reality. Most alarming, however, is its recent use in international… Continue Reading →

Cybersecurity Everywhere

CVS is a company in the Pharmaceutical industry. It is primarily a Pharmacy company. Its primary customers are urban residents in Generation X. This company needs cybersecurity becausethey deal with POS systems, supply chain management, insurance, pharmaceuticals,and credit card transactions.

Cyber Careers

ODU CyberOps 2022

I enjoyed attending the CyberOps conference. It provided the opportunity to hear from cybersecurity professionals on their perspective of the industry. I was very intrigued by the Assura speaker’s presentation and the information provided on resumes. Even if you have… Continue Reading →

Cybersecurity Career Connections

Overall, I enjoyed the Career Connections event. I met with all the employers present, including Sentara, NASA’s Office of the Inspector General, and Aermor. I most enjoyed speaking to the Naval Information Warfare Center and found their NREIP program of… Continue Reading →

Protecting Availability

Availability, especially in publicly-traded companies, is essential to maintaining funding, reputation, and reliability. As the CISO, I would implement intrusion detection/prevention systems and backups to protect the business and the aforementioned characteristics.  Although attacks are inevitable, we should ensure availability… Continue Reading →

Fact Checking

A post by Snopes details a claim made by former president Donald Trump’s supporters that a county in Georgia could not certify the results of the 2020 presidential election because it did not have digital records (Palma 2021). This fact-checking… Continue Reading →

Information Warfare and Information Literacy

This article describes the activity of the Russian Propaganda machine during the Ukrainian War between 2014 and 2016. They used disinformation to portray themselves as the benevolent protectors of Jews in Ukraine; in reality, it was simply an excuse to… Continue Reading →

Short Circuit Article Reflection

The authors of this article focused on the following three frames: Authority is Constructed and Contextual, Scholarship as Conversations, and Information Creation as a Process. The text goes into further detail on the construction of false authority in moral panics, especially… Continue Reading →

The CIA Triad

The CIA Triad is a foundational concept in cybersecurity that can influence policy decisions. Authentication and Authorization are tools used to ensure the CIA Triad is maintained. This write-up discusses their definitions and implementations. What is the CIA Triad? The… Continue Reading →

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