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Final Reflection – NIWC Atlantic Internship

Introduction I am currently a rising second-year Cyber Operations major at Old Dominion University. This summer, I interned as a government contractor at Saxman One, LLC’s Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program working for Naval Information Warfare Center Atlantic (NIWC Atlantic)… Continue Reading →

Reflection 3 – Third 50 Hours

This reflective journal covers approximately the third 50 hours of my internship with NIWC Atlantic. As I had access to all the systems I needed, I was able to start more involved work. More specifically, I started brainstorming implementations for… Continue Reading →

Reflection 2 – Second 50 Hours

This reflective journal covers approximately the second 50 hours of my internship with NIWC Atlantic. About a fourth of this time was spent in office for various reasons while the remainder was remote. Some of this period still consisted of… Continue Reading →

Reflection 1 – First 50 Hours

This reflective journal covers approximately the first 50 hours of my internship with NIWC Atlantic. Much of the first two weeks consisted of gaining access to systems and understanding the inner workings of Naval network systems. I spent my time… Continue Reading →

Cybersecurity Everywhere

CVS is a company in the Pharmaceutical industry. It is primarily a Pharmacy company. Its primary customers are urban residents in Generation X. This company needs cybersecurity becausethey deal with POS systems, supply chain management, insurance, pharmaceuticals,and credit card transactions.

Cybersecurity Career Connections

Overall, I enjoyed the Career Connections event. I met with all the employers present, including Sentara, NASA’s Office of the Inspector General, and Aermor. I most enjoyed speaking to the Naval Information Warfare Center and found their NREIP program of… Continue Reading →

Protecting Availability

Availability, especially in publicly-traded companies, is essential to maintaining funding, reputation, and reliability. As the CISO, I would implement intrusion detection/prevention systems and backups to protect the business and the aforementioned characteristics.  Although attacks are inevitable, we should ensure availability… Continue Reading →

Information Warfare and Information Literacy

This article describes the activity of the Russian Propaganda machine during the Ukrainian War between 2014 and 2016. They used disinformation to portray themselves as the benevolent protectors of Jews in Ukraine; in reality, it was simply an excuse to… Continue Reading →

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework1 was created to establish standards in American information assurance and security posture. By using this framework, businesses can create plans that will benefit them and optimize their resources. Additionally, they can guarantee they are taking explicit steps… Continue Reading →

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