Month September 2018

Why HGS Matters in the Music Industry

Holocaust and Genocide Studies ties to my home discipline as well as my job interests by making me think highly of morals and to do my part to stop the spread of hate. People should know how the Nazis used… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters in Public Health

During the Holocaust, many people know of the unpractical and inhumane living environments that prisoners were forced to face. Both medical ethics and human rights were disregarded during the Holocaust. The standards of public health during this time were basically… Continue Reading →

HGS and Me

HGS ties to my own home discipline by allowing me to be humble and grateful. I learned about the Holocaust at a very young age, my parents never kept the “hidden truths” of the world from me. I learned about… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters for Psychologists and Those in Women’s Studies

Human genocide studies is an influential part to any interest of study. The concepts learned are overlooked dehumanizations or annihilations of a large group of individuals. It is becoming of societal individuals to know of these unknown atrocities for several… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters in Women’s Studies

The past can predict the future. I carry this quote with me throughout every day. Many may say that we cannot predict what happens in the future. Although this statement can be very true, I believe that what has happened… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters in International Studies

Holocaust/Genocide Studies significantly ties to International Studies. I am a second year graduate student in the International Studies Program at Old Dominion University. My particular interests behind my career choice derive from my passion to help immigrants and refugees. I… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters in Nursing

With the overwhelming growth in the elderly population, some of those being Holocaust survivors, it would seem beneficial that nurses obtain at least a general education the subject, in case they ever came across a patient that experienced that tremendous… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters in International Studies

International Studies and HGS: Meant to Be Together When you pick our fields of study and look at classes, we tend to look at those that are recommended or interest us in some capacity. It would seem strange for some… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters for Artists

Artists have a unique freedom to be able to create whatever they want in order to communicate their intended message(s). It is with this freedom artists can not only raise awareness about the impacts and affects of genocides, but they… Continue Reading →

Why HGS Matters for Women’s Studies Majors

When it comes to talking about crises against humanity, people might tense up, flat out deny the events that occurred, vehemently persuade you that something needs to change, or quickly change the subject for the sake of keeping the peace…. Continue Reading →

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