We’ve been talking about genocides of indigenous populations, and as part of it, we’ve been working to grapple with our own status as individuals living in a colonized nation. As a classroom exercise, we came up with these tweets to help raise awareness.

Did America’s history begin when Columbus set sail? Oh, wait, no.

Native American citizens are still not getting the media coverage they deserve. We can do better.

Native American genocide is the least talked about part of American history.

Native Americans do not get the attention that should be given. What we did to them should be common knowledge not hidden history.

Murder isn’t the only form of genocide. #FirstAmericanGenocide

I live on a street named after the Powhatan tribe. I didn’t know that until today.

I’ll never see the day a Native American lives in the White House. Prove me wrong. #HopefulForAmerica

America gained Hawaii illegally on the backs of indigenous people. Remember that when you vacation.

Native American genocide is the REAL history of the founding of our current country.

#SaveOurNatives Understand the land that “America” was founded on.

The full scope of the cruelty the colonists used against the indigenous people in order to colonize our land is all of our story. Do better. Educate.

Americans are the original thieves. Blood is on our hands, too.

They were here first. “Our land” is their land. This is not my land.

As children w breeze over the fact that we colonized the US; but do we really stop to think that we killed Native Americans when we celebrate Columbus Day and Thanksgiving?

Today was the first time I realized that our government systematically attempted to white wash Native American culture through “boarding schools.” Why did I just learn this today? Think about it.

Native American history was told by people who read textbooks on what they want to hear and not learn from.

Native American Genocide continues today as we blatantly disregard past actions and ignorantly feast upon the murder and thievery of centuries of tradition.

They are marginalized and never really discussed in the media, but Native Americans face the same problems and issues as other racial groups. They deserve to be acknowledged and heard. Our nation could be more than it is and benefit from new voices.

First Nations need a day of remembrance not a day of construction paper headdresses. #LearnYourHistory #NoThanksNoGiving

Native Americans still suffer at the hands of white America: from Columbus’s first steps all the way until the oppression of today.